Friday, June 21, 2013

Running the Length of Illinois for Chicago Run

I haven't posted recently but I have been running a lot, preparing for probably the craziest challenge to date.  Starting June 30th a group of 5 ultrarunners and one extraordinary driver/support crew are going to run the entire length of Illinois from Paducah Kentucky to the Wisconsin border, almost 410 miles... in one week!  Each day we will range from about 50 to almost 80 miles, stopping in small towns so we can sleep in hotels and get out of the heat for a bit.  We are raising money and awareness for a great charity, Chicago Run, and we are getting a ton of good, healthy on-the-go food from HealthVend.  Help us out by donating on our charity site:

This run really scares me, I have never run distances like this day after day after day.  The chance of injury looms large.  I am glad there are several of us making the attempt, I think the odds of all of us making it are slim, but the odds of at least one of us making it are pretty good.

I will be doing live updates through my facebook page, and will be doing a recap back here.  Good luck team Land Of Lincoln (LOL)!

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